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Interior Decorating Trends 2019

Let's Get Down With the Details

Whether you are a homeowner, home builder, or listing a home to sell, being mindful of interior decorating trends can be essential to portraying your home in the proper light. If you aren’t very familiar with color combinations, pattern mixing, and meshing fabric types, don’t worry! Keep reading for 10 tips for successful decorating.

Minimalist takeover

2019 is the year to stop hoarding and start organizing. If you have yet to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, today is the day to start. On top of decluttering, this book shares details of what “things” to keep in your home, and what to not. Decluttering and ridding your life of unnecessary furniture is not only a lifestyle, but a great way implementing the minimalist style that is taking decorating by storm.

Get Curvy

Sleek and clean cut is out this year but that doesn’t mean contemporary style is. Make your home come to life by adding some curvy details and corners. Maybe that chair in the corner or the pillows on your sofa have been just too square- switch it up with a fun “out-there” chair or add some crazy shaped pillows to bring a bit of style to your space.

Jungle Vibes

Who ever said greenery is only for outside? Plants are an amazing way to spice up your space, create cleaner air in your home, and make your home literally come to life. Be on the lookout for next week's blog where we will be sharing all the tips you need to know to have healthy, happy plants.

Girl Power

This year we are forgetting about gendered colors and allowing feminine tones to be for everyone. Blushes, neutrals, and brassy pink shades are changing the path of color options. These tones also tie into the jungle vibes- creating a mini greenhouse feeling all around. Besides, real men wear pink, right?

Mix It Up!

Patterns, prints, and colors can be such a struggle to get just right, not this year though! Although the design world is still strongly about modernism and simplicity, feel free to create a space that is quite the opposite. Whether it be though crazy gallery wall or textured accents (drapes, pillows, rugs) creating a space of organized chaos can bring true personality to a space.

Brighten Up The White

White interior is so classic, clean, and simple. It is truly a color that goes with anything. If earth tones just don’t get you going, don’t be afraid to be bold! Earth and neutral tones will be a forever favorite but incorporating bold blues, reds, yellows, and greens can make the white space totally pop. Utilizing bold colors in different textures and patterns can also be a great way to give a simple space a lot of character.

Back To Black

Light and airy spaces have been in full force recently, but has the world forgotten about the power the color black holds? Creating a small space, like a bathroom or closet, with deep and dark colors can bring a sense of luxury to a space. Even creating color pops off a black wall instead of white can be a breath of fresh air this year.

Ceiling Envy

For years white ceilings have been a must, but says who? The rules are out the window this year and it’s time to create some new ones. If you’ve had the desire to change your space, but aren't sure where to start, just move that accent wall to the ceiling! If you have an accent wall in your space, a wall that is simply a pop of color, try transferring that color above you. Not to say that accent walls are bad, but try changing your wall of focus to be a photo collage of all your favorite things, or cover the wall with shelves of plants and finally give your ceiling that fresh feel it deserves.

Floral Feels

Is there even a better feeling than having fresh flowers in your house? I don’t think so. As someone who loves flowers I am all for this trend. Fresh flowers can be a hassle having to freshen up each week but an easy way to keep the floral feels all year long is through artwork. Including a floral wallpaper or photo into your home decor can be an easy substitute to fresh flowers every week.

Color Of The Year

Grey tones may be on their way out but that doesn’t stop them from being so versatile. From Benjamin Moore, we see the color of the year being a warm grey with sage undertones called AF-690 and we are loving it!

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