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Why Videography is So Important to Real Estate

Get With The Trends People!

As the electronic world continues to grow and become evermore impacting in the lives of consumers, it’s very important that businesses change with the times. Real estate marketing began with a simple sign in front of a house and an agents phone number. With the introduction of technology, travel has become ever increasing, which has resulted in people moving across the country. The internet has created a way for people to develop entirely new lives in a different part of the country, all while being able to find a new home from the comfort of their current one.

What’s the Problem?

While finding a new home can be enough of a challenge for buyers, the internet has so much information that even looking for homes can be quite daunting. Not only has the internet created a problem for buyers, but it has also impacted realtors. As technology advances, realtors are expected to keep up with the quality in which they portray their listings. Whether it be through photos, videos, or virtual tours, there are so many ways to get ahead. Marketing through videos has been said to have the best ROI and have a 95% retention rate compared to only a 10% retention rate from reading text. So if your field isn’t video creation, then what is the best way to incorporate this in your marketing?

Quick Fix.

We currently live in a world of content. A world where 5 billion youtube videos are watched a day. A world of short attention spans and quality being key. It’s hard to be mindful of all these factors, especially when it isn’t something you specialize in. The quick fix is to realize you can’t do everything yourself and that its necessary to find a professional to help. It is also important to know the trends and hop on them. Knowing that videography is has become a key visual for any company and hiring the right people to create quality content for you is crucial for success.

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